Stronger Together

Every year smart, talented and ambitious women join the ranks of City Workers. Women who have outperformed their peers at every level to secure competitive jobs at the world’s leading organisations. Women who are driven to succeed. Women who should be our future managers and our future leaders.

But something happens along the way and these women leave. For some this is a personal choice, but for others it is born out of frustration and a lack of opportunity for meaningful career progression. This haemorrhaging of talent has to stop. 

In recent years, the has been focus has been on women at the top. Forward thinking organizations like the 30% Club and Women on Boards have made huge strides in tackling gender diversity at senior levels.  Established platforms such as the City Women Network  have created a space for senior women to grow their business networks and Women in the City proactively recognizes and reward female leaders. But what about the women in the early and middle stages of their careers? If women are not supported in the early stages of their careers, they will not be in position to progress to senior management and leadership roles. Instead, they will leave.

It was this frustration that led us to create FV. We will not wait patiently for change. We want to help equip young women with the skills they need to realize their career ambitions and to develop positive responses to the challenges that they face in the workplace. We want to rival the “Old Boys’ Network”  and enable young women to create a network of contacts to help them to build their business case for career advancement. We want to work with organizations to help them retain and nurture their female talent, because gender diversity is good for business.

We are stronger together.

Keily Blair, Founder & Co-Chair of Fractio Vitri (@KeilyBlair)

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