Time for a change

It’s important to remain relevant.

At FV we have been struck by how many women we know personally and professionally who say that they want more support with their careers.

To date we have tried to provide that support through large scale networking events with nice canapes and great speakers which has been “ok”. The reason it’s only been “ok” is that we are not sure that it’s doing much to change the dial on women in the workplace and frankly we were putting on events that lots of people said they wanted to attend but on the night there were a lot of cancellations.

Life is BUSY. So the investment we choose to place in our professional development needs to be focused and impactful. 

This means we, at FV, need to change our approach to stay relevant and to achieve our mission. Instead of set piece networking events we will be focusing on facilitating professional peer support groups or a Circle.

What’s a Circle?

The idea of creating Circles comes from the Lean In Movement

“Circles are small groups of women who meet regularly to learn new skills, network, and encourage each other. Circles can be groups of friends, co-workers, neighbors—anyone at all.” 

Why join a Circle?

Being part of a Circle is a commitment to yourself. It is a commitment to spending 1.5 hours every 6 weeks focusing on your professional development. It helps you to articulate your goals/struggles, build support and develop strategies and action plans.

“Circles are a place where women can be unapologetically ambitious, give voice to our dreams and get the push we need to start chasing them. They’re a place to share ideas, learn skills, and seek advice. 

Whatever your goal—whether you’re working toward a promotion or building your confidence, reentering the workforce or starting a business—your Circle will help you get there.”

What’s FV’s role?

Starting a circle can be daunting. We know that  – we have been there.

We want to help you to form your circle, get it off the ground, we will help you to run your first four meetings and then hand it over to you to run. It’s YOUR circle not ours.

We are here to support you.

What’s your role?

Being part of a Circle is a commitment to yourself, to spend 1.5 hours every 6 weeks focusing on your professional development. By being part of a Circle you commit to:

1 – being part of a Circle of women who support each other professionally – no judgement, no comparison just support, constructive challenge and accountability.

2 – attending a Circle meeting every 6 weeks.

3 – preparing for your Circle (remember YOU are the meeting).

What next?

If you want to part of our Circle project please get in touch using our contact page and make a note in your message. The first fifteen people to get in touch will form our first Circle. If you get in touch after that, we will add you to the list for the second Circle and so on.





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