Upcoming Events

Our next event is:

17 October 2018: Reverse Mentoring – what would you ask if you could ask anything?

This event, co-hosted by City Women Network, is aimed at providing an opportunity for junior and senior women to ask the questions that they have always wanted to ask. The conversations will be facilitated by moderators and the mentoring pairs will be rotated three times during the event to enable maximum sharing of ideas and knowledge.

This event is sponsored by Howard Kennedy LLP an approachable, professional, commercial and responsive law firm providing excellent value and support to their clients, both domestic and international.

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Our Upcoming Events calendar for 2018/2019 includes

January/February 2019: Male Allies –  how to push for progress together and what does an effective alliance look like.

April 2019: Peer Support – how to create and nurture your peer support network.

July 2019: Financial Literacy and Independence  – how to take ownership of your own financial security and independence.

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We want the events and workshops to be as helpful as possible to our members and we always welcome suggestions for topics that you would like to learn about. If you have a particular request, please do get in touch and let us know.